Mini Review: MX-80 Sound – Hard Attack (1977)

A screaming comes across the sky. It hasn’t happened before. It’s the goddamn Hard Attack! Sitting somewhere between no wave and the proto-punk expansions on blues proffered by Captain Beefheart, MX-80 Sound is halfway majestic, downright dirty, gleefully ridiculous, a gleaming train of pure gold running simultaneously above ground and underground, sucking in the crazies and weirdos with giant vacuum cleaner hoses.

The frenetic energy of MX-80 is really something, it’s a cavalcade of churning guitars, manic vocal deliveries, drums that seem more often to crash into each other than to keep the beat, yet somehow it’s all totally cohesive, well oiled, like a piece of precision engineering. Occasional dips into the instrument pool drag out organs and saxophones which tint in shades of old timey rock ‘n’ roll the obstreperous nonsenses that make up the album’s twelve tracks, knowingly silly, but carousing about and cajoling the ear with sweet sexy noise.

It’s a blast!


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