An Ængliscmans Partyta

Ever poor wight Cazazza Dan withdrew into his studio. Months passed and none heard tell of his doings, his sayings, his comings and goings, mainly because none was asking, but that is by the by. Today he reemerged from that dank cesspit, and brought forth digital files of various shapes and sizes, he then fell over and had to be taken back inside. Yet the files themselves were retrieved and may now be presented to you, should you want them. Note that wanting the files is considered a sign of abnormality and shall result in the placing of your name in the list of undesirables maintained by Her Majesty’s Government.

Should you wish to keep the files for yourself, they are available to you in mp3 and FLAC encoded formats.

The files may furthermore be “streamed” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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