Cazazza Dan

Your one stop shop for bad music by everyone’s favourite worst composer! These are my original compositions, and I put ’em out for free because I’m either nice or horrible depending on your point of view.

This playlist has a bunch of substantial stuff I’ve done, some of which you can also find on Soundcloud, almost all of which you can find on Bandcamp, and even more of which you can download for free from the archive.

And if that ain’t enough, I regularly produce short pieces (“Doodles”) for YouTube which you can find in this playlist.

If you like you what you hear, consider telling other people about it, maybe, if it’s not any trouble. And if you both like what you hear and happen to be making something, like a game, that might just require some musical accompaniment, I will work for food (or money), so get in touch if you are sufficiently aroused by the selections above.